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UTP Cables

High-Performance UTP Cables
for Reliable Data Connectivity

Our range of UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables designed to provide fast and dependable data transmission for your business network.

Data Cable GigaLan U/UTP 24AWGx4P CAT6 IEC-60332-1 AZ

UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) cables are a vital component of computer networks, serving to connect devices such as computers, switches, routers, and other network equipment. These cables consist of a pair of copper wires twisted together to form a pair.

Data Cable GigaLan U/UTP 24AWGx4P CAT6 IEC-60332-1 AZ are widely used for interconnecting devices in local area networks (LANs), including computers, printers, switches, and routers.

Benefits of

Fast Data Transmission

UTP cables support high-speed data transmission.

In business environments that frequently send and receive large data files, UTP cables ensure swift and responsive data transfers.

Reliable Connectivity

Provide reliable connectivity between the network devices in your companies.

By using quality UTP cables, companies can ensure stable connections and avoid issues such as signal interference and network disruptions that can disrupt day-to-day operations.


Easily expanded or upgraded to meet the evolving needs of a growing business.

If your business requires network expansion or increased data transmission speeds, simply upgrade to the appropriate category of UTP cable without the need to replace existing network infrastructure.


Offer a budget-friendly solution for building a reliable and high-performance business network, compared to fiber optic cables.


Can be deployed in various business environments and location including in offices, data centers, server rooms, or even in more demanding settings such as industrial environments.

UTP cables can also be run through cable channels, alongside electrical cables, or within walls to ensure a neat and organized workspace.

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