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Enhance IP Camera Intelligence with ECS-504B Smart Box

Smart Box by UNV boosts the intelligence of basic IP cameras with its built-in deep learning algorithm. It adds smart features like multiple behavior analysis.


The ECS-504B is a Smart Box from UNV designed to enhance the intelligence of basic IP cameras. Its built-in deep learning algorithm enables intelligent features, including multiple behavior analysis.

When integrated into a CCTV system, this Smart Box can provide significant computing power, potentially reducing the workload on the Video Management System (VMS). Moreover, it offers an easy and flexible way to allocate varying levels of computing power to different sites by adjusting the number of Smart Boxes, ensuring an optimized and efficient surveillance solution.

Features of

Smart Function

ECS-504B functions as a smart server, enabling intelligent capabilities for your surveillance system.

Multiple Camera

It can handle up to 4 cameras, each with a recommended resolution of 8MP at 30 frames per second (1080P). 


The Smart Box includes face detection functionality, enhancing security and surveillance capabilities.

120dB True WDR

supports simultaneous output to both HMI and VGA, enhancing display options.

Corridor Mode

It can record videos at up to 8-megapixel resolution, ensuring detailed and clear footage.


allows accurate video retrieval and instant playback for efficient review of recorded footage.

Face Comparison

It offers the ability to compare detected faces, aiding in identity verification and security.

SIP (Session
Initiation Protocol)

Supports SIP, a communication protocol for controlling and managing multimedia communication sessions.


ECS-504B is equipped with behavioral analysis capabilities, enabling it to detect and analyze various behaviors for enhanced security.

Real-time Reporting

ECS-504B offers real-time reporting capabilities, providing immediate insights and data.

Dual Network Interfaces

The Smart Box features two network interfaces with options for 10M, 100M, and 1000M (RJ45), providing network connectivity flexibility.

Custom RESTful API Support

It supports custom RESTful APIs, allowing for tailored integration and functionality.

Benefits of

Enhance Intelligence

It brings intelligence to any ONVIF-compatible IP camera, enhancing the capabilities of your surveillance system.

Plug and Play Technology

With plug-and-play technology, the setup process is simplified, making it user-friendly and efficient for integration into your surveillance network.

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