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Industrial Cellular Router:
Robust Connectivity for Every Industry

Our range of compact industrial cellular router that provides reliable, mission-critical connectivity in rigorous conditions common in industries like automation, transportation, and manufacturing.

Industrial Cellular Router

RUT200 is a compact industrial cellular router designed to offer dependable and mission-critical connectivity in challenging environments typically encountered in industries such as automation, transportation, and manufacturing.

This model features 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and two Ethernet ports, making it an excellent choice for swiftly establishing primary and backup connectivity with the added benefit of remote management capabilities.

Benefits of
RUT200 – Industrial Cellular Router

Reliable Connectivity

The RUT200 offers high-speed 4G/LTE connectivity,

ensuring dependable data transmission in challenging industrial environments.


With dual Ethernet ports, Wi-Fi support, and digital input/output options,

this router adapts to various network and application requirements.

Compact and Durable

Its small, lightweight design and robust aluminum housing

make it ideal for space-constrained industrial installations while withstanding harsh conditions.

Efficient Storage

With 16 MB of Flash storage and 128 MB of RAM, it provides ample resources for smooth operation and data storage.

Easy Installation

The DIN rail mounting option simplifies installation,

while its compact dimensions of 83 x 25 x 74 mm and weight of only 125 grams allow for efficient use of space in industrial installations, making integration into industrial setups straightforward.

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