The AirBubbl is the only in-car air cleaner that filters up to 97% of Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and up to 95% of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

Who Can Benefit?

Professional Drivers

“Taxi drivers are between three and four times as likely to die from Covid-19 as the average Briton”
source: Office for National Statistics

The enclosed space inside a taxi, bus, ambulance or other vehicle carrying multiple occupants is an area of risk for the transmission of COVID-19.

It has been confirmed that one of the modes of transmission is via fine airborne particles produced when an infected person coughs, talks or breathes and research has shown that these airborne virions can remain suspended and alive in the air for hours.

Respiratory Sufferers

According to WHO estimates, around 235 million people currently suffer from asthma, which is a chronic condition in which the lung airways become inflamed, prompting coughing, chest tightness, wheezing and shortness of breath.


Imagine waking up in the morning, getting dressed, and getting ready for work. You shuffle around your house to make sure you leave in time. You grab your car keys from the hook by the front door and you head out to your car. As you head to the office and sit through rush hour city traffic and dangerous levels of air pollution have you thought about the potential risks of such a routine everyday activity?

Parents and Carers

Children who grow up in areas that have high levels of air pollution are at risk for damaged lungs and breathing problems later on in life. The development and growth of a child’s lung does not occur until long after they are born.

What makes airbubbl different?


Nano carbon filter The unique activated nano carbon filter removes up to 95% of nitrogen dioxide and gaseous pollutants effectively — the only type of filter that can absorb the harmful gases and keep them locked away.

Powerful dual fan The powerful dual fan design delivers clean air directly back to the driver and passengers

Thatcham crash tested headrest attachment Attaches easily to passenger seat head rest using crash tested high strength strap and buckle.

Mobile application IOS and Android app featuring remote control and air flow management statistics. Users can collect achievement badges reflecting the quality of air cleaned in the vehicle

Powerful patented airflow design Vehicle occupants breathe cleaned air faster with Airbubbl due to its patented airflow design

Particle filter Up to 95% of dust, pollen, bacteria, PM2.5 and PM10 are all removed within minutes thanks to the high-grade filter which has been optimized for maximum airflow.


Technical specification

TechnologyCar air purifier
Designationairbubbl 1.1
ColourSpace grey, brushed aluminium, grey fabric cover, grey strap
Noise level44 dBA in Normal mode, 48 dBA in Boost mode
Speed settings2 settings, normal or boost mode
ControlManually or via airbubbl app
AppCompatible with Android and iOS devices System requirements: iOS 8.0+, iPhone 4s or later, iPod touch (5th Gen or later), Android Snapdragon or later
Power supplyUSB-C inlet 5V, 2.1 A (10W) Powered via USB to car power adapter or other suitable USB power supply (5V, 2.1A)
Airflow35 m³/h
Filter typeAirlabs’ nano carbon filter technology for removing particulate matter (PM) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) as well as VOCs, odours, ozone and other pollutants.
Filter replacement indicatorYes
Filter LifetimeCa 6 months (depending on usage)
Fragrance dispenserNo