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Keor Compact

Exploring the Keor Compact On-line Double Conversion UPS 

Discover Keor Compact, your solution for easy mobility, flexible placement, and low-maintenance three-phase power. This On-line Double Conversion UPS is designed for efficiency and convenience, available in capacities of 10kVA, 15kVA, and 20kVA. 

Keor Compact, your go-to solution for easy mobility, flexible placement, and low-maintenance three-phase power. Seamlessly integrates into diverse environments, ensuring reliability in compact spaces. 

Keor Compact 

Keor Compact is an On-line Double Conversion UPS designed for efficiency and convenience. It comes in three capacities: 10kVA, 15kVA, and 20kVA, making it suitable for a range of small power applications. Its compact design and user-friendly features make it an ideal choice, especially for small technical rooms.

Features of
Keor Compact

Power Factor Correction (PFC) 

Keor Compact includes Power Factor Correction, ensuring high efficiency with an input power factor greater than 0.99. 

User-Friendly Touch Screen Display 

Equipped with a 4.3″ touch screen display, the UPS provides a user-friendly interface for easy monitoring and control. 

Wide Input Voltage Range and Frequency 

Accommodates a broad range of input voltages and frequencies, enhancing its compatibility with different power sources. 

Dual Input

Dual input capability provides additional flexibility and redundancy in power supply options.

Cold Start

UPS supports cold start functionality, allowing it to power up without a mains power supply. 

Embedded Backfeed Protection

Built-in backfeed protection safeguards the system from potential issues related to feedback.

Smart Communication Ports and SNMP Management

With four SATA HDD slots, each supporting up to 8TB, it offers substantial storage space for video data. 

Parallel Operation 

Capable of parallel operation with up to 6 units, offering scalability and redundancy for increased power capacity. 

Built-in Battery for Standard Autonomy 

UPS comes with a built-in battery to provide standard autonomy in case of power interruptions. 

Extended Backup Time with Battery Cabinet 

Users have the option to extend backup time by adding a battery cabinet, ensuring prolonged power availability. 

Overload & Short Circuit Protection 

UPS includes features for overload and short circuit protection, enhancing the durability and reliability of the system. 

Powerful Built-In Charger 

A robust built-in charger ensures efficient charging of the battery for quick recovery and sustained power supply. 

RS232 and Dry Contacts 

Provides RS232 and dry contacts for additional communication options and integration with other systems. 

Compact Size, Lightweight & Low Noise

Designed with a compact size, lightweight construction, and low noise levels, optimizing its suitability for various environments. 

Smallest Footprint (0.22m2) 

UPS has a minimal footprint, saving space and making it suitable for installations with space constraints. 

Wheels for Easy Movement 

Incorporating wheels for easy movement, the UPS is mobile and convenient for deployment and relocation. 

Input Voltage 

Designed to operate with an input voltage of 400V. 

Output Voltage

Offers flexibility in output voltage with options for 380V, 400V, and 415V. 

IP20 Protection

UPS is rated IP20 protection, providing a level of protection against solid objects. 

Benefits of
Keor Compact


Easily transportable for versatile use in different settings, providing flexibility for users on the go. 

Space Efficiency 

Compact size minimizes space requirements, ideal for environments with limited space or those aiming for an organized workspace. 


Packs significant capacity in a small size, offering a powerful and versatile solution without sacrificing mobility. 

Ease of Use 

Combines a compact design with ample capacity for a user-friendly experience, delivering functionality without unnecessary complexity. 

On-the-Go Applications 

Designed for easy movement, catering to users needing a portable solution for various locations, both indoors and outdoors. 

Energy Efficiency 

Benefits from a compact form with improved energy efficiency, promoting eco-friendliness and potential cost savings for users. 

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