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Your Trusted Authorized KEENON Distributor in Indonesia

XDC Indonesia serves as the authorized distributor for KEENON Robotics in Indonesia, offering renowned automation solutions known for their efficiency and reliability. Through XDC, companies can access KEENON’s via rental services, enabling them to benefit from automation without significant upfront investments.


Established in 2010, KEENON Robotics Co., Ltd. is a leading artificial intelligence enterprise dedicated to delivering intelligent unmanned delivery solutions for global enterprises. With an expansive presence in over 60 countries, KEENON Robotics has evolved into a trusted business partner in the global market.

Leveraging advanced intelligent service robots and AI technology, the company has developed efficient, stable, reliable, and practical solutions. These innovations enhance service efficiency and facilitate intelligent upgrades for enterprises across various industries worldwide. Presently, KEENON Robotics serves a diverse clientele in sectors such as catering, medical care, hospitality, venues, business offices, community pension, and airports.

Why Keenon?

Boosted Productivity

Automation enhances restaurant efficiency, allowing staff to focus on high-value activities, leading to increased productivity and potential revenue growth.

Resource Optimization
KEENON helps restaurants manage time, manpower, and ingredients efficiently, minimizing waste and maximizing profitability. 
Improved Customer Experience
Automated processes lead to quicker and more efficient service, enhancing the overall dining experience and increasing customer satisfaction. 
Strategic Investment
KEENON is an investment in restaurant success, providing a competitive edge through a combination of cost savings, productivity improvements, resource optimization, and enhanced customer service. 

KEENON Products


Intelligent Scheduling System


Redefining Compact Power for Small Businesses


Redefining Hotel Experiences in the AI and IoT Era


Intelligent and Efficient Disinfection Solution


KEENON Solution  

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